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My weekly reflection

Hey everyone welcome back!


This week I learned how to put decimals into a place value chart and how water can make electricity. On Monday a hawks player came to our school and we learned about health. I learned that kids have to drink about five glasses of water a day, and adults have to drink about eight glasses of water a day. We have to eat about five serves of vegies and two serves of fruit.






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My Passion!

What’s up everyone?

Now I’m going to talk about my passion, and my passion is art! I totally love art. I love it because I really like drawing and making creations. Art makes me feel good. Recently I’ve made a butterfly wing pattern. I’ve always loved art and I hope you like it too.

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I LOVE PUPPIES!!! I think the dog in this picture is extremely cute.


All about me!!!

Hi everyone I’m Bridget and this is my blog. My hobbies are art, callisthenics and drama. I like drawing and making stuff. MY favourite pets are dogs, especially puppies, and rabbits, I also like pandas and koalas. My favourite sea animals are dolphins, penguins and whales. I have two brothers and a mum and dad. I have lots of friends some of them are Evgeniya, Mary, Alannah, Marisa, Lyta, Ella and Jacqui. I really enjoy playing ball games and running games with my friends. We sometimes play these games during playtime and sometimes after school.


Bridget’s awesome blog

Hi everyone welcome to my blog. I’m going to post tips and tell you what I’m doing in class.

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