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All about me!!!

on March 16, 2015

Hi everyone I’m Bridget and this is my blog. My hobbies are art, callisthenics and drama. I like drawing and making stuff. MY favourite pets are dogs, especially puppies, and rabbits, I also like pandas and koalas. My favourite sea animals are dolphins, penguins and whales. I have two brothers and a mum and dad. I have lots of friends some of them are Evgeniya, Mary, Alannah, Marisa, Lyta, Ella and Jacqui. I really enjoy playing ball games and running games with my friends. We sometimes play these games during playtime and sometimes after school.

2 Responses to “All about me!!!”

  1. Isabelle says:

    Hi Bridget, I love doing art as well, and I love puppies to!

  2. benpst says:

    Well done Bridget. I’ve learnt a lot about you. Puppies are ok, but they’re not my favourite animal. My favourite animal are monkeys, they’re crazy aren’t they. My hobbies are Maths and Sport. Great Job. Ben

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